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Empowering Women Through





Welcome to my fitness bubble  👋🏻

Some people know me as Laura, others refer to me as LJ, the rest of the crowd simply know me as ‘abs’. I’ve lived with it since I was 12!


I work with mainly females (and also a small majority of men) but my coaching priority is always the same: To help you become the strongest, healthiest and happiest version of yourself, and lead a life that you actually enjoy. 



Here are a few health & fitness facts about me that you probably didn’t know that might help you get to know me ☺️

✨I’ve been overweight, and yo yo dieted on shakes, ‘fat burners’, extreme diets, you name it; because at the time... I didn’t know any better and I was desperate.


✨I have also been underweight. I was wrongly praised for my weight loss as a gymnast when I was at my ‘skinniest’’ and lowest weight. In reality, I was suffering from a mixture of eating disorders; namely bulimia and anorexia.⠀


✨I haven’t always been strong, I was quite sadly the complete opposite. I believed that (like many other females) lifting heavy weights would ok big and bulky.

The biggest changes to my mindset and body started once I focused on performance. This allowed me to become the strongest version of me, both mentally & physically! 


✨I used to abuse cardio. To me it was punishment for consuming too many calories or what is simply ‘delicious food’.⠀


✨Believe it or not I still have days where I struggle with my insecurities about my own body and image. But, everyday I’m learning to love me and appreciate what my body can do. 


My promise is to always teach other women and men to do the same 🫶🏻


✨ Like most people; I still get a little nervous when I go to a new gym. Which is normal! Because it’s out with my usual comfort zone and my first thought is always, ‘where is the ladies changing room’.⠀


✨I used to let the scales control my life and dictate my self worth - Now I rarely weigh myself at all.⠀


Oh and for anyone curious about my height, you may be surprised to know I measure up to  5 foot 4. I just look like a giraffe in photos….⠀


We have all been beginners at some stage in our life! So my hope is to encourage you to start too, no matter where you currently are on your fitness journey.



Currently there are two ways which we can work together. Either directly through 1:1 or group coaching, as part of the Before.Anyone.Else (BAE) programme, in collaboration with me Laura, and another experienced female coach. 


This is my premium coaching service and it is designed specifically for those wanting the BEST result possible. You will work directly with me and together we will devise a plan to positively impact your health, fitness and wellbeing. I will guide you every step of the way to help you become the strongest, healthiest and happiest version of yourself, whilst leading a life that you actually enjoy.


This is designed for BUSY females who are short on time but want to build a TONED physique in as little as 3 sessions per week. With not 1 but 2 experienced female coaches in your corner to support you in achieving your goals, in person group meet ups, and the chance to join a community of likeminded others... You wont be short of support and encouragement to become the best version of yourself. We cover everything from nutritional guidance, group challenges, optional cardio/conditioning session's to challenge your fitness and endurance goals, weekly check-ins and training flexibility, to ensure you're not short of motivation to look and feel your best.

"Thank you so much for everything... It's probably been the most life changing year so far... You've supported me through the good and the bad and it's allowed me to have the most freedom I have had in a long time!"




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